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Chocolate Crawl Was A Success!

Thank you to all of the businesses and the community for participating in the Chocolate Crawl on March 1st. Everyone had an excellent turnout and had a lot of fun. Thank you for your support, and watch out for what Preservation does next!

Murals of Salem

This project preserves and promotes images of Salem's historical activities and events, especially sites that are no longer available for the next generation to appreciate. We reproduce and exhibit paintings, photographs, and sketches of the sites in large format accompanied by background information. Eventually we plan to develop a walking tour to accompany the murals.

Ohio Historic Inventory

Salem Preservation Society wants to recognize all the historic buildings and sites in our city. The State of Ohio has a program that supports that goal.

What Is the Ohio Historic Inventory? The inventory program was developed to serve as an accurate and continuing record of the architectural and historic properties currently existing in the state. The Ohio Historic Inventory is used to record basic information on historic properties in Ohio. Since 1974, over 90,000 historic properties have been entered into the records of the Ohio Historic Inventory.

Century Home Project

The Salem Preservation Society is seeking century homes to commemorate as part of its Century Home Program. "We have designed a beautiful new plaque to recognize the historic nature of Salem homes that are at least 100 years old," said Arlene Schwartz, co-chair of the project. This is a wonderful opportunity for owners and residents to call attention to the value and beauty of their building according to Ginger Grilli, co-chair.